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Other Orthobiologics Injections – Glastonbury, CT

Natural Solutions for
Chronic Injuries

Older man and woman smiling after orthobiologic injection

If you’re dealing with a chronic musculoskeletal problem, such as a partially torn ligament, tendon, arthritis, or joint impingement, you might have been told that your only treatment options involve medication or invasive surgery. At Valley Sports Physicians & Orthopedic Medicine, we’re all about offering treatments that provide long-term relief in the gentlest way possible, and this includes orthobiologic injections. Rather than relying on pharmaceuticals or incisions, we can use substances derived from the human body that have been shown to speed up healing without causing any nasty side effects. Learn more about all of options, incuding prolotherapy and other orthobiologic injections in Glastonbury, CT.

Why Choose Valley Sports Physicians & Orthopedic Medicine?

What are "Orthobiologics?"

Doctor preparing needles for orthobiologic treatment

"Orthobiologics" is the combination of biology and biochemistry in the development of materials and substances to aid in bone and soft tissue healing. The most common examples of orthobiologic agents are stem cells and PRP (platelet-rich plasma). However, a number of exciting new orthobiologics products have--and continue to--emerge in the market. The most common include:

These products can be used alone or in combination with each other to stimulate a natural healing response. Which product, or combination of products, is used for treatment depends on a number of factors that your doctor can review with you.

Are These Products Safe?

Doctor preparing patient to receiving injection

Yes. So far the research, and extensive clinical medical experience, has shown that these products are very safe. The majority of them are also FDA registered and undergo rigorous testing to help ensure safety.

Are These Products
"Stem Cells?"

Animated stem cell

Absolutely NOT! While exosomes, placenta tissue products, and amnion-derived products all have excellent growth factors and have potential utility in stimulating healing, NONE of them can ANY viable stem cells. Sadly, there are clinics around the country promoting and advertising the use of these as "stem cell" treatments. But that is blatant fraud, and you should avoid any clinic that is marketing these products as such. The only legal sources of viable stem cells for use in commercial clinical practice is stem cells derived from your own bone marrow, fat, or blood.

We were among the first practices in the country to begin using orthobiologics, and we continue to lead the way!

To learn more about stem cells and stem cell treatments, click HERE for a free Regenerative Medicine e-book.

(NOTE: All of our Stem Cell treatments are performed by our affiliate, the New England Stem Cell Institute.)

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