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Diagnostic Injections – Glastonbury, CT

The First Step to
Long-Term Pain Relief

Woman smiling thanks to accurate diagnosis and pain relief treatment

Here's a sad but true story - we saw a young woman who had been suffering from constant hip pain for TWO years. X-rays and MRI of the hip were read as normal, and she was told that all of her pain was coming from her back (even though she had relatively little back pain). For two years doctors kept telling her this, because of the normal x-rays and MRI. And all attempted treatments failed to help her.

We told her, "There's actually a really easy way to figure this out." We injected some Novocain into the hip joint under ultrasound guidance (to ensure accurate placement of the medicine). It was a simple and almost painless procedure that took mere minutes. The result? She had the best PAIN-FREE two days in over two years! Guess what? Her pain WAS coming from the hip!

This is the idea of using diagnostic injections in Glastonbury, CT - selectively numbing up areas suspected of causing pain to try to find the cause. This isn't "rocket science," friends.

Why Choose Valley Sports Physicians & Orthopedic Medicine?

How Every Successful Treatment Begins

Dr. Tortland using diagnostic injections and ultrasound system

Finding the cause of your pain sometimes can be challenging, and in some cases really challenging! But we try to make it easier and more efficient by selectively targeting and numbing the suspected causes. Using ultrasound guidance, we inject a little numbing medicine into the suspected area(s). If your pain goes away or at least is markedly reduced, then it's likely that your pain is coming from there and we can discuss the best way(s) to treat it. If the pain doesn't go away that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that we pretty much eliminated that as a cause of your pain, and the hunt continues. Using this systematic process of elimination enables us often to find the pain generator(s) and devise the appropriate treatment.

The problem with many so-called "pain management" practices is that if they DO find the source of your pain, they don't fix it. They just continue to inject you with cortisone until it stops working.

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see if we can help find and treat YOUR pain!

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