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Treating Ankle and Foot Injuries and Pain – Glastonbury, CT

Relief in
Every Step

Older man and woman playing tennis after treatment for foot and ankle injuries

Walking is such a basic but significant part of daily life, and many people only learn to appreciate the freedom it provides after it has been taken away. This is often due to ankle and foot injuries that cause a person to literally feel pain with every step they take. The team at Valley Sports Physicians & Orthopedic Medicine has treated many ankle and foot problems over the years, so if you’re experiencing any right now, we’re ready to provide the expert, non-invasive care you need. With us, the next time you put your feet on the ground, the last thing on your mind will be pain. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today. We offer solutions for treating ankle and foot injuires and pain in Glastonbury, CT at Valley Sports Physicians & Orthopedic Medicine.

Achilles Tendinitis

Man with Achilles tendinitis holding ankle

Your Achilles tendon is a thick piece of tissue that extends from the heel of your foot up towards your ankle. Due to overuse and/or injury, it can develop tendinitis. This is the result of small tears in the tendon not being able to adequately repair themselves, which can cause prolonged pain, inflammation, and decreased mobility. Tendinitis is very treatable, and we can take away a patient’s immediate pain, help them finally heal, and ensure they enjoy long-term relief.

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Plantar Fasciitis

Person with plantar fasciitis holding foot

Along the bottom of your foot is a band of thick, fibrous tissue called the plantar fascia, which helps support your arch. Patients with plantar fasciitis tend to experience severe pain and stiffness in this area, particularly in the morning. This is because the tissue has become partially torn, which can be the result of certain exercises, activities, or negative walking habits that place excess stress on the feet. With physical therapy and injectable treatments, we can help a patient’s feet finally heal as they should, which will make the pain go and stay away.

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